Welcome to Reiter Maschi­nen­bau / Salzburg

As a specia­li­sed company, Reiter Maschi­nen­bau in Salz­burg produ­ces plants and compon­ents for the sheet metal proces­sing indus­try. We plan and realise complete plants for the produc­tion of sheet metal and sheet coils. From our loca­tion in Salz­burg, Reiter Maschi­nen­bau supplies compa­nies all over the world.

As experts in plant cons­truc­tion we offer you:

  • Rewinding units
  • Longi­tu­di­nal and cut-to-length lines
  • Compon­ents

Reiter Maschi­nen­bau in Salz­burg will also be happy to advise you in the areas of contract manu­fac­tu­ring, for example:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Cutting
  • Subas­sem­bly production
  • Repairs
  • Cons­truc­tions